5 12月 2022の週

Exposition - MONACO ON STAGE - 100 ans de concerts à Monaco
From Saturday 15 October to Saturday 31 December 2022, from 1 PM to 7 PM, Salle d'Exposition du Quai Antoine Ier
Who has not dreamed of going backstage at a concert hall? The Exhibition MONACO ON STAGE – 100 ans de concerts à Monaco gives visitors the opportunity to go through the looking glass. At the initiative of the Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer.
2022年10月15日(土) 〜 2022年12月31日(土)、午後1時 〜 午後7時
Salle d'Exposition du Quai Antoine Ier
4, quai Antoine Ier
18th Monegasque Red Nose Day
Tuesday 6 December 2022, Principality of Monaco
18th Monegasque Red Nose Day organised by the charity "Les enfants de Frankie" in aid of sick and disadvantages children from Monaco and across the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. THIS YEAR, THE RED NOSES ARE GOING GREEN! The 'Red Nose' is changing to reflect the world around us, and becoming more environmentally-friendly and useful. The foam ball is now a re-usable shopping bag, that stays Red Nose-shaped when closed.
Symposium - "Fashion and its Scenographic Dispositions"
From Tuesday 6 to Wednesday 7 December 2022, Théâtre des Variétés
15th annual scenography symposium, organised by the Pavillon Bosio, higher institute of arts of the city of Monaco, dedicated to fashion scenography.
2022年12月6日(火) 〜 2022年12月7日(水)
Theatre Variétés
1, boulevard Albert Ier
Betclic Elite Basketball - "AS Monaco - Lyon-Villeurbanne"
Tuesday 6 December 2022, at 8 PM, Salle Omnisports Gaston Médecin - Stade Louis II
Betclic Élite: AS Monaco Roca Team - Lyon-Villeurbanne
2022年12月6日(火) 午後8時半
Salle Gaston Médecin
Stade Louis II
Théâtre - "Fleurs de Soleil"
Tuesday 6 December 2022, at 8 pm, Théâtre Princesse Grace
Based on The Sunflower published by Schocken Books. Simon Wiesenthal spent his whole life seeking to understand what happened to him, on that sunny morning in 1942. Alone in the darkness of a bedroom, that day he heard the last confession of Karl, who had murdered innocents during the war, and was begging forgiveness. Adapted by Daniel Cohen and Antoine Mory, directed by Steve Suissa, with Thierry Lhermitte.
2022年12月6日(火) 午後8時半
Théâtre Princesse Grace
12, avenue d'Ostende
Exposition - "Cinémato !"
From Tuesday 25 January to Saturday 31 December 2022, from 10am to 5:30pm (5pm on friday), Audiovisual Institute of Monaco
Cinémato ! Albert I of Monaco, image and sound pioneer. Sovereign scholar and humanist, Prince Albert I (1848-1922) was interested, beyond passion for science, in all the innovative techniques of his time. Thanks to loans from the Archives of the Palace of Monaco and the Oceanographic Institute, the collections of the Audiovisual Institute and the know-how of its teams, this cabinet of curiosities intends to recall how much Prince Albert I was able to link the experience of photography and sound recording. Organised by the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco.
2022年1月25日(火) 〜 2022年12月31日(土)、午後10時 〜 午後5時30分
Exhibition - "From One World To Another, From The Visible To The Invisible"
From Wednesday 1 June to Saturday 31 December 2022, Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique
The temporary exhibition "From One World To Another, From The Visible To The Invisible", invites visitors to discover previously unseen and original collections kept at the Monaco Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, where some of them have been for more than a century.
2022年6月1日(水) 〜 2022年12月31日(土)
56 bis, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Exposition - "Mission Polaire"
From Saturday 4 June to Saturday 31 December 2022, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
A 5-step tour will take you on a polar mission as a reporter! An immersive journey to learn more about these distant and mysterious lands.
2022年6月4日(土) 〜 2022年12月31日(土)
Avenue Saint-Martin
Exposition - "Balade dans le Sud Tyrol"
Du jeudi 1 décembre 2022 au lundi 2 janvier 2023, Galerie des Pêcheurs
Exposition de photos réalisées par Jean-Pierre Debernardi. Soutenue par la Direction de l’Environnement et l'Association Artphoto Monaco, cette exposition se veut une véritable ode à la montagne.
2022年12月1日(木) 〜 2023年1月2日(月)
Galerie des Pêcheurs
4, avenue Saint-Martin
Christmas Village
From Friday 2 December 2022 to Monday 2 January 2023, Port Hercule de Monaco
Christas Village on the theme "Christmas in Spitsbergen", organised by Monaco City Hall. The traditional stands, stalls and chalets take up residence every year on Quai Albert Ier, amid the magnificent festive decorations and lights.
2022年12月2日(金) 〜 2023年1月2日(月)
Port Hercule de Monaco
Event - "Roller Station"
From Friday 2 December 2022 to Sunday 26 February 2023, Port Hercule de Monaco
In line with the measures adopted by the Prince's Government to encourage energy saving, including the removal of the ice skating rink, the Municipal Council is keen to propose an alternative solution to keep the young and the not-so-young amused this winter. The Roller Station will take up residence at the Stade Nautique Rainier III, in the location usually occupied by the swimming pool, and will replace the ice rink! For those without their own equipment, roller skates will be available for visitors.
2022年12月2日(金) 〜 2023年2月26日(日)
Port Hercule de Monaco
Event - "Roller Trail"
From Friday 2 December 2022 to Sunday 8 January 2023, Place du Casino
Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is offering, for the first time ever, a roller skating rink for young and old alike! Experience the magic of the holidays at the heart of the Place du Casino as the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo is turned into a welcoming chalet. Watch all the fun of the winter trail from the terrace and enjoy a gourmet break with waffles and mulled wine, which is sure to warm you up at any time of the day! Experience all the magic of the festive season in Monte-Carlo!
2022年12月2日(金) 〜 2023年1月8日(日)
Place du Casino
Place du Casino
Activity - "Like a Child"
From Friday 2 December 2022 to Sunday 8 January 2023, Casino de Monte-Carlo
Like a Child: the magic of the festive season is coming to the Casino de Monte-Carlo! Visit the Atrium of the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo with its lavish new installation, inviting your inner child to awaken in the heart of an enchanted forest. There are childhood memories, a modern merry-go-round inspired by traditional carousels and majestic reindeer. Whatever your age, hop on the sleight and experience a voyage into the wonderful world of Christmas.
2022年12月2日(金) 〜 2023年1月8日(日)
Place du Casino
Lecture - "Bats: Princes of the Night"
Wednesday 7 December 2022, at 6 pm, Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique
Presentation of the life cycle of European bats, all insectivores: annual cycle, habitats, movements, protection issues, and more, by Catherine BABY, speleologist, volunteer for the GCP, member of the scientific board of CDS 06. With the participation of Eric Madelaine, speleologist, President of the Regional Speleology Scientific Committee. The GCP exhibition is entitled "The bat, a strange creature".
2022年12月7日(水) 午後6時半
56 bis, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Event - "Roller Party"
Wednesday 7 December 2022, from 7 pm to 11.30 pm, Port Hercule de Monaco
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! The Ice Party planned to take place on the skating rink has been replaced by the Roller Party. On the eve of the public holiday, Monaco City Hall is organising an evening's entertainment on the roller rink at the Stade Nautique Rainier III. The "Roller Party" will be open to schoolchildren and residents of Monaco aged 12 to 17 years.
2022年12月7日(水)、 午後7時 〜 午後11時30分
Port Hercule de Monaco
Opéra - "Lakmé"
Friday 9 December, at 8 pm and Sunday 11 December 2022, at 3 pm Auditorium Rainier III - Salle Yakov Kreizberg
"Lakmé" by Léo Delibes with Sabine Devieilhe, Fleur Barron, Erminie Blondel, Charlotte Bonnet, Cyrille Dubois, Lionel Lhote, Pierre Doyen, Svetlana Lifar, the Chorus of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Laurent Campellone, organised by the Opéra de Monte-Carlo
2022年12月9日(金) 〜 2022年12月11日(日)
Auditorium Rainier III
Boulevard Louis II
Charity Event - "Kids Nite Is Back"
Friday 9 December 2022, at 6.30 pm, Salle des Etoiles
Gala under the High Patronage of H.R.H. the Princess of Hanover, organised by the charity "Les enfants de Frankie" for the children of the Principality. There's a glittering evening of entertainment in store for the youngsters, with fun activities and a special show. Thanks to the participation of families, the charity will be able to organise "Frankie's Christmas" for the benefit of thousands of sick and disadvantaged children across the PACA region, at the Sporting Monte-Carlo.
2022年12月9日(金) 午後6時30分半
Salle des Etoiles
26, avenue Princesse Grace
Concert - "Le Messie de Haendel"
Saturday 10 December 2022, at 7 PM, St Paul's Anglican Church
The concert will be conducted by Errol Girdlestone, with soloists Elenor Bowers-Jolley (soprano), Fleur Barron (mezzo-soprano), Gavan Ring (tenor) et Simon Bailey (bass), and the Ristretto Chamber Choir and Orchestra. First performed in 1742, the Messiah (HWV 56) is an oratorio for choir, soloists and orchestra that remains one of the greatest musical masterpieces of all times. The work contains many well-known arias, breath-taking choruses, and conveys an emotional intensity that still thrills us to this day, more than 250 years after the composer's death. This annual concert, renowned in the region, is one of the essential dates in the calendar of the Principality in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
2022年12月10日(土) 午後7時半
St Paul's Anglican Church
22, avenue de Grande Bretagne
Monaco Dance Forum - "The Seven Sins"
Saturday 10 December 2022, at 7.30 pm, Opéra de Monte-Carlo - Salle Garnier
Monaco Dance Forum - The unmissable event of the season! For classical dance aficionados, the cast alone is enough to set the heart aflutter, as this production brings together seven world-renowned choreographers. Each of them has turned one of the seven deadly sins into a dance piece for Gauthier Dance. The result is a simply astonishing set of seven world premieres.
2022年12月10日(土) 午後7時30分半
Salle Garnier de l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino
Show - "Cosmic Tour - Voca People"
Saturday 10 December 2022, at 8 pm, Grimaldi Forum Monaco
After travelling to over 40 countries and being seen by more than three million people, the international hit show is back with an exciting new version. The eight talented aliens from Planet VOCA invite you to an unforgettable theatrical experience based around classic pop hits from around the world and a host of new additions. This magical blend of comedy, vocal performance, a capella singing and beatbox will make you laugh, clap, and sing your heart out.
2022年12月10日(土) 午後8時半
10, avenue Princesse Grace
Sport - "U Giru de Natale"
Sunday 11 December 2022, at 10.30 am, Port Hercule de Monaco
U Giru de Natale is the ultimate running race in Monaco that is open to all participants, with courses for all ages. Every year, more than 2,000 people gather to run along the Grand Prix circuit and through the magnificent Monegasque streets. This unique event is always a festive occasion! Organised by the Sporting Association of Monaco Police Department.
2022年12月11日(日) 午後10時30分半
Port Hercule de Monaco
Theatre - "La Famille et Le Potager"
Sunday 11 December 2022, at 5 pm, Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Marie and Denis have been in love for forty years. It's beautiful... but thanks to their son Tom, things are about to change. He has blundered. One that could change the next fifty years of a life. Written by Bob Martet, directed by Anne Bourgeois, starring Marie-Anne Chazel, Régis Laspalès, Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine, Emma Gamet, and Caroline Maillard.
2022年12月11日(日) 午後5時半
10, avenue Princesse Grace
Monaco Dance Forum - "Swayambhu"
Monday 12 December 2022, at 7:30 PM, Salle Garnier de l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo
Béjart, Peter Brook, Bartabas, Pina Bausch... Shantala Shivalingappa has had the privilege of working with these great names thanks to her total mastery of the Indian dance, Kuchipudi. Her palette of tools is today famous throughout the world. Movements, gestures, facial expressions, finger positioning, etc.. Everything is crafted to the extreme with this artist who is looking to present a purity of expression.
2022年12月12日(月) 午後7時30分半
Salle Garnier de l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino
The Art of the Cinema - "The Dead"
Tuesday 13 December 2022, at 8 pm, Théâtre des Variétés
Movie Tuesdays "The Christmas movie" - The Dead by John Huston (1988). Like his heroine, John Huston had a well-kept secret: a deep sensivity that runs through this surprising and touching film. Organised by the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco.
2022年12月13日(火) 午後8時半
Theatre Variétés
1, boulevard Albert Ier