第20 三月 2023周

Theatre - "Dedans moi"
From Saturday 25, at 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm, to Sunday 26 March 2023, at 11 am and 3.15 pm, Théâtre des Muses
A rollercoaster journey of emotions, in which we tremble in fear, cry out in anger, dance with love and sing for joy! A blend of living performance, painting, animated film, and original music, "Dedans Moi" ("Inside Me") is a fascinating depiction of our every emotion, from the smallest to the most powerful. These thirty minutes of colourful poetry make for the perfect introduction to the theatre.
自星期六 25至星期日 26 三月 2023
Théâtre des Muses
45, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Lecture - "Cerebral Man"
Saturday 25 March 2023, at 2 PM, Grimaldi Forum Monaco
This lecture takes place every two years on the theme of the human brain. The organ is the literal nerve-centre of all our behaviour, our actions, our emotions, but also sadly many diseases. The theme of the 2023 edition will focus on innovations in the field of neuro-technology, under the title "Fiction or Reality", looking at how the advances will impact the lives of people with diseases in the very near future. The programme of the congress is determined by the scientific panel of the FESN, chaired by Prof Pierre Magistretti, and organised with the support of Magnoglia, a Monegasque company that looks to develop innovative pharmaceutical products in the field.
星期六 25 三月 2023,于14点
10, avenue Princesse Grace
Concert - "Jory Vinikour"
Saturday 25 March 2023, at 3 pm, One Monte-Carlo
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: The famous American harpsichordist Jory Vinikour pays tribute to a founding father of the art of the keyboard, Johann Jakob Froberger, and to one of his distant “disciples”, Christophe Maudot, in a set of ancient and modern pieces that combine stylistic richness and exacerbated expressiveness.
星期六 25 三月 2023,于15点
Allées des boulingrins
Concert - "Recital of poems by Anna Akhmatova"
Saturday 25 March 2023, at 8 pm, Opéra de Monte-Carlo - Salle Garnier
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: interspersed with readings of Anna Akhmatova's poetry by Jean-Yves Clément, Peter Laul will perform all ten of Alexander Scriabin's piano sonatas, an epic cycle climaxing with the visionary Tenth Sonata.
星期六 25 三月 2023,于20点
Salle Garnier de l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino
Event - "Rose Ball"
Saturday 25 March 2023, at 8 pm, Salle des Etoiles
The Rose Ball is held in aid of the Princess Grace Foundation. The creative mind behind the staging of this year's star-studded event is the celebrated designer best known for his iconic red shoes, Christian Louboutin, who will be decorating the prestigious Salle des Etoiles with a Bollywood theme.
星期六 25 三月 2023,于20点
Salle des Etoiles
26, avenue Princesse Grace
Exhibition - "Polar Mission"
From Saturday 4 June 2022 to Sunday 31 December 2023, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Discover an immersive and interactive experience! Take on the role of a roving reporter and set off on a mission to explore the polar regions! This new exhibition includes five thematic areas spread over two levels. Learn about the poles and their wildlife, and the men and women who populate and explore them. Fascinating objects and documents, digital content and immersive devices come together to create a 360° experience. The great voyage can begin!
自星期六 4 六月 2022至星期日 31 十二月 2023
Avenue Saint-Martin
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival
From Wednesday 8 March to Sunday 2 April 2023, Principauté de Monaco
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival, presided by H.R.H. the Princess of Hanover
自星期三 8 三月至星期日 2 四月 2023
Principauté de Monaco
Call for participation - Open mic event at Fort Antoine
From Friday 17 March to Monday 15 May 2023, Principality of Monaco
As part of efforts to promote the Principality's young talent and strengthen ties between culture and youth, an open mic event will be organised for and by young people on Tuesday 18 2023 at Fort Antoine. The event is aimed mainly at younger people, allowing those aged 18 to 30 to reveal their musical, acting, or dancing talents on the magical stage of Fort Antoine. If you would like to take part, simply complete the online form before 15 May to sign up. The event is also being organised mainly by young people, specifically a committee of five 18 to 30 year-olds, who are working with teams from the Department of Cultural Affairs. From the technical side to communication, via logistics and artistic policy, they will be overseeing every aspect of the staging of what will hopefully be a hugely successful cultural event.
自星期五 17 三月至星期一 15 五月 2023
Principauté de Monaco
Exposition - "Iryna Zubenko - The energy of life"
From Friday 17 March to Sunday 9 April 2023, from 10 AM to 6 PM, Espace 22
Iryna Zubenko welcomes you to a brand new exhibition within ESPACE 22: The energy of life. "Creation and creativity are the result of internal energy, which a person does not even suspect, in the material world". Come discover and discuss a selection of inspiring paintings by the Ukrainian artist.
自星期五 17 三月至星期日 9 四月 2023,从10点到18点
Espace 22
24 Bd d'Italie
Event - "Monaco Ocean Week"
From Monday 20 to Sunday 26 March 2023, Principauté de Monaco
5th Monaco Ocean Week - press conferences, workshops, symposiums, colloquiums, awards ceremonies, exhibitions, screenings of documentary films and awareness-raising workshops, to promote the preservation of the oceans.
自星期一 20至星期日 26 三月 2023
Principauté de Monaco
Exposition - "Albert 1er - Un Prince Préhistorien"
Du lundi 20 mars au dimanche 31 décembre 2023, de 9h à 18h, Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique
Découvrez le prince Albert Ier autrement ! Rendez-vous aujourd’hui avec un prince préhistorien, avec le scientifique et l’homme de terrain, pour retracer ses explorations archéologiques. Des grottes de Grimaldi à l’Espagne, de la fondation du Musée d’Anthropologie préhistorique de Monaco à l’Institut de Paléontologie Humaine de Paris, les visiteurs sonderont les chemins passionnants des aventures et des réflexions archéologiques d’un prince passionné et passionnant.
自星期一 20 三月至星期日 31 十二月 2023,从9点到18点
56 bis, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Theatre - "La contrebasse"
From Thursday 23 to Saturday 25, at 8.30 pm, and Sunday 26 March 2023, at 4.30 pm Théâtre des Muses
Shortly before his novel "Le Parfum" became a worldwide hit, Patrick Süskind wrote this play with universal appeal. In it, a nameless musician, who plays double bass in an orchestra, awaits the next performance, alone with his instrument, his dreams, his bad faith, his artistic and romantic frustrations, amplified by his music. A darkly humorous masterpiece, "La Contrebasse" ("The Double Bass") is a striking portrait of a human in all his greatness and mediocrity, battling the social machinery represented by the hierarchy of the orchestra, bound to his instrument in a love-hate relationship.
自星期四 23至星期日 26 三月 2023
Théâtre des Muses
45, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Concert - "Tribute to Chet Baker"
Sunday 26 March 2023, at 3 pm, Opéra de Monte-Carlo - Salle Garnier
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: Chet Baker’s regular bassist for many years, Riccardo del Fra celebrates the legendary American trumpeter in an original tribute programme performed by his quintet and the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie (My Chet My Song). With Mystery Galaxy in the second part, he then opens a door to his own abundant inspirations.
星期日 26 三月 2023,于15点
Salle Garnier de l'Opéra de Monte-Carlo
Place du Casino
Betclic Elite Basketball - "AS Monaco - Strasbourg"
Tuesday 28 March 2023, at 8 pm, Salle Omnisports Gaston Médecin - Stade Louis II
Betclic Élite: AS Monaco Roca Team - Strasbourg
星期二 28 三月 2023,于20点
Salle Gaston Médecin
Stade Louis II
The Art of the Cinema - "The Dam"
Tuesday 28 March 2023, at 8 pm, Théâtre des Variétés
Artistic film - The Dam by Ali Cherri (2022). Travel to Sudan, and the banks of the Nile, through its millennia-old landscapes, that man seeks to upheave with the power of the imagination. Organised by the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco in partnership with the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.
星期二 28 三月 2023,于20点
Theatre Variétés
1, boulevard Albert Ier
Event - "Superyacht Chef Competition"
Thursday 30 March 2023, Yacht Club de Monaco
Nine chefs working on 40+m superyachts have a rendezvous with the Superyacht Chef Competition, presided by the three-Michelin star Chef Yannick Alléno, surrounded by gastronomy experts and supervised by Chef Joël Garault, President of Goûts et Saveurs. Held under the aegis of YCM’s La Belle Classe Academy training centre, the competition puts the spotlight on gourmet cuisine at sea, another facet of yachting professions. Fully supported by their owners and crew who always come along to encourage them, contestants have to come up with dishes from a basket of mystery ingredients while complying with the contest’s anti-waste criteria.
星期四 30 三月 2023
Yacht Club de Monaco
Quai Louis II
Theatre - "The Miser"
From Thursday 30 March to Saturday 1 April, at 8.30 pm, and Sunday 2 April 2023, at 4.30 pm, Théâtre des Muses
Superb adaptation of "L’Avare" ("The Miser") in the commedia dell’arte style with singing, dancing, pantomime, incidental music, asides to the audience, and improvisations. While ignoring the wants and needs of all those around him, even his own children, the wealthy Harpagon believes he can purchase conjugal bliss for his dotage. But in a typically Molière-esque twist, his plans are ruined and his only consolation is buried in a box... The cast and audience have huge fun with the roles of Harpagon, Frosine, Valère, all colourful characters, illustrating timeless themes including money, intolerance, limitless profit, the loss of human relationships, sexism, and more. All the modernity of Molière is concentrated in this classic play.
自星期四 30 三月至星期日 2 四月 2023
Théâtre des Muses
45, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Concert - "Reading in music, Laurent Stocker, Camille Taver"
Thursday 30 March 2023, at 8 pm, Théâtre Princesse Grace
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: Carried by the improvisations of the pianist Camille Taver, Laurent Stocker reads large excerpts from Rimbaud le fils, a book by Pierre Michon in which the author explores and freely “plays” on the poet’s life and art.
星期四 30 三月 2023,于20点
Théâtre Princesse Grace
12, avenue d'Ostende
Exhibition - "George Condo - Humanoids"
From Friday 31 March to Sunday 1 October 2023, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Paloma
For George Condo, "the Humanoid is not a science fiction monster, but a depiction that uses traditional methods to bring a person's inner emotions to the surface". Over the course of eight sections, the exhibition traces the continuity of a profuse body of work that ranges from “space beings” to Who’s Who, from Guido Reni to Bugs Bunny. Featuring specially produced paintings, the exhibition offers a glimpse of the artist’s process of invention – as crazy as it is erudite – of humanoids.
自星期五 31 三月至星期日 1 十月 2023
56, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Concert - "Arnold Turboust"
Friday 31 March 2023, at 7 pm, Médiathèque de Monaco - Bibliothèque Louis Notari
The musician began his career with legendary group Marquis de Sade and went on to collaborate with Etienne Daho, Brigitte Fontaine, and Jacno. Françoise Sagan said "Arnold Turboust has something of the fluidity of Trenet, the detachment of Gainsbourg, a kind of gentle indulgence towards others, but demanding of himself; a humour without cynicism and the most pleasing musical diversity".
星期五 31 三月 2023,于19点
Médiathèque de Monaco - Bibliothèque Louis Notari
8, rue Louis Notari
Symphonic Concert - "Spring Arts"
Friday 31 March 2023, at 8 pm, Auditorium Rainier III
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: Leading the Monte-Philharmonic Orchestra, Case Scaglione presents and contrasts two iconic works in the history of American music: The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives, and a fresco that might be the response to the former's call, namely Symphony No. 3 by Aaron Copland. Between these monumental pieces, François Meïmoun revisits the myth of Antigone in a creation for narrator and orchestra, with Laurent Stocker lending his voice.
星期五 31 三月 2023,于20点
Auditorium Rainier III
Boulevard Louis II
Concert - "Quatuor Diotima"
Saturday 1 April 2023, at 3 pm, Tunnel Riva
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: In two concerts, Quatuor Diotima journeys across a century of chamber music, from post-Romanticism to contemporary creation, from Béla Bartók’s String Quartet No. 1 to an unpublished work by Philippe Schoeller. The quartet ponders upon the horrors of World War II, which can be heard as much in Bartók and György Ligeti as in Different Trains by Steve Reich.
星期六 1 四月 2023,于15点
Tunnel Riva
8 Quai Antoine 1er
Concert - "Ensemble TM+, Laurent Cuniot"
Saturday 1 April 2023, at 8 pm, Auditorium Rainier III
Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: The TM+ ensemble, directed by Laurent Cuniot, associates two voices of modern American music, Steve Reich and Elliott Carter: between the New York activity of City Life and the majestic Capitol of A Mirror on Which to Dwell, we are given a genuine panoramic soundscape of the United States in the last century.
星期六 1 四月 2023,于20点
Auditorium Rainier III
Boulevard Louis II