Follow the Principality’s heritage tree trail

Publication date: 05/09/2023
Trees are an essential part of the Monegasque landscape. The Principality’s two square kilometres are home to no fewer than 92 species, with many of the finest examples planted in the late 19th century. Some of these trees are very rare, and you can admire them for yourself by following the specially created trail that winds through the different districts of Monaco. The perfect way to visit the country!

Despite being the world’s smallest independent State, the Principality is home to a large number of parks and gardens, which cover nearly 20% of the country. Active efforts have been made to protect and preserve this generous vegetation. One example is the creation of the “Tree Code” in 2011, a document that allows certain plants to be officially classed as “remarkable”.
For over a decade, visitors and locals have been following the different “Heritage Tree Trails”. To see the most remarkable trees in eastern Monaco, in the Monte-Carlo and Larvotto districts, head for the Tourist Office. From their, the trail winds its way through the sublime Jardin de la Petite Afrique, before running along the edge of the Casino de Monte-Carlo towards the Japanese Garden. Norfolk pines from the South Pacific, ginkgo biloba from China, Asian umbrella trees... You’ll see all manner of majestic plants as you follow the path.

Including in Monaco’s Old Town! Its hanging gardens overlooking the Mediterranean are home to many rare species, such as the African fig tree, the woolly rambutan from Australia, and the screwpine, which is commonly to be found growing on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The latest addition to this initiative is the district of Fontvieille and its green spaces, from the UNESCO Gardens above the shopping mall to the Prince Grace Rose Garden. The South-East Asian rain tree, the dragon tree native to the Canary Islands, or the South African bird of paradise are all fine reasons to visit this area, which was entirely reclaimed from the sea over 30 years ago!

The perfect walk for discovering a side of the Principality that is perhaps less well known, but well worth exploring!

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Photo credits: © BVergely / KTchobanian / DR