The Eco-Responsible Visitor Trail


  1. Use the Visit Monaco Carbon Calculator to estimate your carbon footprint 
    To make the right choices and get an idea of the carbon footprint of your visit to the Principality, the free calculator created by Visit Monaco is the perfect tool. It lets you estimate the impact of your stay and suggests alternative solutions to help you reduce it.
    Did you know? The Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority has also introduced a calculator for event organisers, with useful suggestions about ways to reduce the event industry’s carbon footprint.

  2. Opt for a low-carbon mode of transport
    Transport is often the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions during a stay in Monaco. Where possible, use a low-emissions mode of transport to get around.
    Did you know? An economy class flight of 700 km, similar to the distance between Paris-Monaco, generates 40 times more emissions than the same journey made by train. And for a private jet, the emissions generated are more than 200 times greater than the train.

  3. Choose a responsible hotel
    More and more hotels are signing up for green certification schemes and adopting solutions to reduce their environmental impact.
    Did you know? In Monaco, 88% of hotel rooms are certified (Green Globe, Green Key and Planet 21) and 97% have signed up to the National Energy Transition Pact.

  4. Use soft mobility
    For cyclists, Monabike is the public bike hire scheme and Mobee is the electric vehicle version! Almost everything in Monaco is within walking distance, and the app mentions a variety of solutions including: Monaco Malin and City Mapper.
    Did you know? There are 79 elevators, 35 escalators, and eight travelators to take you easily from A to B on foot!

  5. Choose responsible restaurants
    From Michelin-starred restaurants to brasseries, local eateries are committing to sustainable development and using organic, local, seasonal produce where possible.
    Did you know? The “Responsible Restaurant” label is awarded only to eateries that take everyday measures to reduce and sort waste, save resources and combat foot waste, and raise awareness among their clients.

  6. Discover Monaco's biodiversity
    Visit our many parks and gardens. All managed in an environmentally responsible way, they each have their own specific character and unique atmosphere! Try walking the Heritage Tree Trail or the Biodiversity Trail in the Saint Martin Gardens.
    Did you know? Some 20% of the country is covered by green spaces. Monaco also has three protected marine areas, including an educational marine reserve.

  7. Even on holiday, remember to reduce and sort your waste
    Because the best waste is no waste, the idea is to reduce it at the source.
    Did you know? To reduce the use of plastic, take a re-usable bottle with you and refill it at one of the many drinking water fountains around Monaco.