Perfect indulgence

From luxury fashion brands in Monte-Carlo, to local produce in La Condamine, and the colourful boutiques of Monaco’s Old Town, treat yourself to a unique shopping experience in the Principality.

Here, window shopping is an art in itself.  Fans of retail therapy will be thrilled by what the Monte-Carlo has to offer, with its upscale designer stores, not to mention the luxurious and welcoming Métropole shopping mall. Over in La Condamine, you’ll find a mix of prestige and originality as you stroll along the charming cobbled streets with their delightful boutiques, full of fascinating wares just waiting to be discovered. Up on the Rock, the shops of Monaco’s Old Town are all about refinement and authenticity, selling hand-crafted goods and unique creations. With so many different stores and boutiques to choose from, every shopping experience in the Principality is unique. For quite simply, Monaco is like nowhere else..