Charity - "No Finish Line"
From Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 November 2024, Chapiteau de Fontvielle
25th No Finish Line Monaco. The idea behind this charity run is the same as always: run or walk whatever distance you like, at your own pace, and for every kilometre you clock up, 1 euro will be donated to support sick and disadvantaged children. Organised by Children & Future.
From Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 November 2024
Chapiteau de Fontvielle
5, avenue des Ligures
Charity - "9e Kids Nite"
Saturday 7 December 2024, at 6 PM, Salle des Etoiles
Join us for an enchanting Show & Dinner experience, where we bring beloved fairy tale characters to life, featuring not only the familiar princesses and princes but also the captivating villains. And that’s not all! We’ll also have an enthralling magic show to dazzle your senses, and a lively DJ to keep the party going. It’s an unforgettable affair that combines the magic of fairy tales, dinner and workshops with the excitement of live entertainment for children and parents to enjoy. All proceeds will go toward sick and disabled children the next day !!
Saturday 7 December 2024, at 6 pm
Salle des Etoiles
26, avenue Princesse Grace