Monaco most beautiful gardens

In this day and age a new craze for gardens has emerged. Without doubt, the Principality of Monaco and its surroundings harbour real treasures in this domain. Careful not to lose its roots under urban development, the Principality has established a solid policy of garden and park development, with more than 250,000 m2 for a city-state of 195ha, which puts its second in Europe, just after Vienna. Everywhere precious rare species mix in harmony with flowers and plants symbolically simple and fresh.
Exotic Garden of Monaco

High on the cliffs overlooking Monaco, the Exotic Garden is a showcase for the exuberance, strangeness and surrealism of nature. (Currently closed - due to re-open in 2025)

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Bus route 2 Jardin Exotique

62, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
St Martin Gardens

The Principality’s first public garden, opened in 1816, was built on an abandoned plot in order to provide work for residents when famine hit the Principality.

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40 min.

Bus routes 1, 2 Monaco-Ville

Avenue Saint-Martin
The Casino Gardens

The gardens of the Société des Bains de Mer are very closely linked to the development of a particular part of the Principality of Monaco: Monte-Carlo. The area took off in around 1893 when the Casino was established on Spélugues rock, which was previously parched and bare.

Visit time
40 min.

Bus routes 1, 5, 6 Place du Casino

Place du Casino
The Japanese Garden

This garden, created in 1994 at the request of Prince Rainier III in accordance with the strictest principles of Zen design by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu (Grand Prix at the Osaka Flower Exhibition in 1990), transports visitors to the land of the rising sun, even as they remain in the Principality.

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Bus routes 1, 5, 6 Portier

Avenue Princesse Grace