Monaco to host the first ever Sustainable Gastronomy Summit

Publication date: 19/09/2023
On Thursday 21 September, Alain Ducasse will officially open the inaugural Sustainable Gastronomy Summit, a new event that aims to explore food issues in general and change the way we think about what we eat.

It's no secret that fine cuisine is hugely important in the Principality, as much so as environmental responsibility, another theme close to Monegasque hearts. So it will come as no surprise that the first ever Sustainable Gastronomy Summit is set to take place right here, on Thursday 21 September. 
The event is the brainchild of multi-Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse. Under the high patronage of Prince Albert II and in collaboration with his Foundation, it aims to bring people together and encourage the emergence of innovative solutions.

The Summit will also give a platform to climate change stakeholders including scientists, producers, environmentally committed and up and coming chefs, schools, and the leaders driving the ecological transition, who will all be at the One Monte-Carlo to share their experiences and fresh ideas for action, engagement, and building the future of gastronomy.

The Sustainable Gastronomy Summit will focus on five key themes, each of which represents a priority for the sector:

- Farming and fishing in the climate change era  
- Cooking responsibly
- Signing up to sustainable gastronomy
- Bringing back food education
- The future of gastronomy

The unprecedented event will culminate in the creation of a Sustainable Food Charter, to promote practices that encourage more responsible eating.