Formula 1 Grand Prix: Day and Night!

Publication date: 24/05/2023
While the fans wait impatiently for the lights to go out and the cars to start racing, The Grand Prix is a weekend long event for the whole Principality. We look at the best places to experience the thrill and atmosphere of this iconic motor sports meeting!

The F1 circuit, over 3 km in length, winds through most of Monaco's districts and past the most beautiful locations in the Principality.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Hôtel de Paris, the Louis XV – Alain Ducasse… a succession of legendary places. Lunch at the triple Michelin-starred restaurant is the ultimate in luxury dining, in a perfect spot to take in the action. There could be no better way to experience the Grand Prix…


The Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo, just a few yards from the Place du Casino, sees the cars rocket past as they travel down the famous Avenue des Spélugues, well-known to racing aficionados.  Built in 1886, the five-star, Belle Epoque style hotel will boast a commanding view of Charles Leclerc and co' as they vie for victory.  Accompanied by a new and exclusive cocktail created specially for the occasion and dubbed the "Monaco Rush", made with The Gardener gin (created by Brad Pitt), it's the complete experience! 

A short distance further on, the Fairmont Monte-Carlo overlooks one of the best known turns in Formula 1, the eponymous hairpin which the drivers take at around 50 km/h. It is also the longest hairpin bend of any Grand Prix, ensuring you'll have time to admire the Ferraris, Red Bulls, Mercedes, and the rest! The four star hotel offers panoramic views from its rooftop grandstand, for something truly unique. 

When the sun goes down, the city lights take over and illuminate the Monegasque night. 

Starting at Port Hercule, where prestige venues such as the Rascasse, the Jack, the Brasserie de Monaco, Before, and others invite guests to party the night away at the heart of the circuit, nestling between the paddocks, the race director's offices, and the yachts in the marina. 

For those who intend to party on til dawn, the Fairmont Monte-Carlo is the place to be. The hotel will host exceptional evenings of entertainment with its pop-up nightclub: Lilly’s. Central Cee, Rick Ross, Marco Carola + Anotr and Travis Scott will be handling the music and the microphone, every night in the Salle d’Or. With polished scenography, world-class artists and the finest levels of service, night owls are guaranteed an unforgettable time!


Finally, if you're looking for a very special experience this race weekend, the Amber Lounge is essential and iconic. With its VIP clientele and usually several of the F1 drivers in the house, Amber Lounge Monaco hosts three of the most exclusive nights of unique entertainment to be found anywhere!

Photo credits: Mika Alesi / Amber Lounge / La Brasserie de Mónaco / Société des Bains de Mer Montecarlo / DR / Métropole Montecarlo/ Fairmont Montecarlo / Lilly's Club