Monaco flying on high!

Publication date: 12/10/2022
True to its spirit of innovation, Monaco is helping to create an eco-friendly hot-air balloon. 

After several years in development, the project to create a safer and more eco-friendly hot-air balloon has borne fruit in the Principality. With the support of Prince Albert II and the Marzocco group, Alain Cruteanschii, President of the Monaco Ballooning Team, earlier this year unveiled a more energy-economical balloon in Monegasque colours.  

Its aim is to convy a simple message that applies in many areas of everyday life, on the importance of using insulation to save energy and limit heat loss. The principle is simple, but so effective.

The energy saving is thanks to a dual envelope system that keeps the temperature high inside the balloon and helps prevent the heat from dissipating. The solution saves more than half of the propane used by the burners, compared with a standard balloon.

Although not yet ready to carry passengers, the red and white balloon will soon be flying around the world. It will float over the Principality from time to time, to highlight the country's commitment to protecting the planet. 

A  flying laboratory and a fine environmental challenge for the Principality and the Aeronauts of Monaco!

"When you want to, you can. And when you can, you do"

Alain Cruteanschii, President of the Monaco Balloning Team.


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