The Sovereign publishes his first book on the environment

Publication date: 14/09/2022
On 8 June 2022, H.S.H. Prince Albert published his first book entitled "Man and the Ocean", a call to arms and an appeal to the public, launched on World Oceans Day, to raise awareness about the urgent need to preserve our oceans, and by extension our entire planet. The publication of the Prince's work is also a chance to take another look at a newly republished book about the life of Princess Grace.

The book, which relates the Prince's vision for the future of the oceans, comes as the Sovereign has relaunched the Principality's exploration expeditions, with the next mission due to focus on the Indian Ocean. Since his accession to the throne, Prince Albert II has made the environment a national priority, and has worked tirelessly to ensure it remains a major international issue.

He points out that the environmental cause is a family affair, going back to his great-great-grandfather Prince Albert I, the "Explorer Prince", who conducted numerous scientific expedisions and contributed to many discoveries and advances in the field.

It is my duty to take up the challenge set for my generation: to find solutions to preserve our planet, our most precious asset. 


The Principality of Monaco has always excelled at the art of capturing the imagination. So it is entirely natural that, on the 40th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace, a biography entitled "Unforgettable Grace of Monaco", written by the specialist in European dynasties Jean des Cars, is being republished.

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