New look for the Café de Paris

Publication date: 11/03/2022
Monaco, constantly reinventing itself.

It needs no introduction. One of Monaco's most popular tourist venues, the Café de Paris is the perfect place to sample the local way of life, with its iconic outdoor patio and bright, panoramic Parisian terrace. Whether for lunch in the sunshine, a gourmet tea or a fun evening after work, not to mention those fabulous dinners that stretch into the wee hours, the Café de Paris is THE legendary eatery on the Place du Casino.

Now, as the sumptuous building prepares for a facelift, the Café de Paris has moved to a temporary new home in the Salle Empire of the Hôtel de Paris, where it will remain until the refurbishment is completed in 2023. The project was designed by two illustrious architects, Monaco's Alexandre Giraldi and France's Alain-Charles Perrot.


The building will lose none of its character. The project will look much better after than before!  


The planned new additions include two more floors, one housing La Brasserie (280m²), a new high-end restaurant with a glass skylight and a stunning rooftop space of almost 1,000m², where the future Amazonico restaurant will take up residence. This Brazilian concept is well-known internationally, with outlets in  Madrid, Dubai, and London. Though it offers a similar atmosphere to Coya, the new venue will serve a radically different style of cuisine: from the very highest quality meat to sushi, diners can expect to experience flavours from around the world. As everyone knows, in Monaco the party goes on all night, and a bar and dancefloor will be reserved for guests.

What's more, some 800 m² of luxury retail space will occupy the ground floor, with some prestigious names opening in Monaco for the first time. Shopping fans will have even more to get excited about than gourmets, with the new boutiques possibly opening at early as the start of 2023, a few weeks ahead of the restaurants.

Altogether, there will be no less than 14,000 m2 of space at the heart of a brand new building that has a distinctly contemporary feel, without losing any of its legendary character.


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