Whale and dolphin watching in the waters off the Principality

Publication date: 22/07/2021
Come face to face with marine mammals and prepare for an unforgettable adventure off the coast of Monaco!

Experience an incredible morning, afternoon, or a full day in the waters off Monaco, as you embark with accredited professionals for an appointment with the great marine mammals of the Pelagos sanctuary, a specially designated area of the sea in which animal species are protected under an agreement between Monaco, France and Italy. 

This initiative, brought to you by Sustainable Whale Watching Monaco (SWWM), has been developed in close cooperation with the Albert II of Monaco Foundation and helps to ensure the sanctuary's protection while allowing visitors to see these majestic creatures close up. 

While bottlenose and striped dolphins are found here all year round, some of the true giants of the Mediterranean frequently migrate here in the summer thanks to the Ligurian current that runs parallel to the coast, generating plenty of food for all of these cetaceans.

Sperm whales, pilot whales, Risso's dolphines, and fin whales can also be seen from the SWWM's two boats, one 12 metres and the other 20 metres, which both carry observation guides and accredited professional skippers!

For more information: https://whalewatchingmonaco.com/