Augmented Reality comes to the Principality

Publication date: 15/09/2020
Since last year, visitors have been able to discover Monaco in augmented reality with the CardMap app.

Available free for Android and iOS, the app takes you to the Principality's most iconic places and tells you more about them, with its audio guide, still images and video content. 

No longer will you need to scan the city map or a dedicated flyer. Simply activate the Monaco pack after downloading the app, and start your tour of the Principality. The programme includes: the Prince's Palace, the Cathedral, the Casino, and a whole host of other places of interest. Museums and monuments have recently been joined by the Grimaldi Forum and the Museum of Stamps and Coins at the Espace Fontvieille.

If you visit the Museum, you'll discover some more new features. The app is a fun way to learn, letting you find out all about the history of the rotary press. Head into the Museum curious, and leave informed and entertained with a souvenir stamp on presentation of the app at the reception desk.

Here's how it works: 

Download the CardMap app from the AppStore or PlayStore, open it, and simply let yourself be guided! 



The button at the bottom of the screen will reveal several functions: 

  • By clicking the dropdown menu in the top-left, you will see a list of museums and monuments in the Principality, which you can click to see them in augmented reality. 
  • By clicking the orange button, you will see a map of Monaco with all of the museums and monuments available to visit during your stay. Handy for seeing where you can go at a glance! 
  • By clicking the blue button, you will obtain information about visiting various museums and monuments, with links to their official websites

K-RMA SARL, founded in Monaco in 2017, is a new technologies company focusing on tourism. The company works under the CARDMAP brand with destinations and museums, to create innovative tools for travellers. Our tools aim to bring the community closer together, provide a new means of communication with the wow factor, and manage tourist traffic. Its speciality lies in the use of Augmented Reality to give tourists a new insight into places of interest in their destinations.