Radio Ethic, Monaco's "green" radio station

Publication date: 11/06/2020
Founded in 2005 by Evelyne and Jean Tonelli, Radio Ethic is a digital radio station "made in Monaco" and dedicated to sustainable development. 

With its positive and uplifting outlook, Radio Ethic welcomes listeners into a world of human values, highlighting all kinds of socially responsible initiatives at every level (local, national and international). The station is committed to promoting the civic responsibility of every individual, and aims to broadcast content with an emphasis on ethical behaviour and solidarity.

Radio Ethic broadcasts 24/7, and each day's programming features discussions, ideas and practical advice for everyday life on a wide range of issues.
Shows include "L’Instant Bien-Etre" ("Wellness Time"), a journal presented by Fanny Rigaud on Chinese medicine, "Monaco Green" dedicated to Responsible Tourism in Monaco and presented by the Tourist & Convention Authority), expert panels with advice in areas such as agriculture, personal development, organic produce, and more. Altogether, the station airs around a dozen shows featuring interviews, reports or discussion with numerous personalities from the sustainable revolution.  

Radio Ethic is a free online station that broadcasts live and also offers podcasts. The "Special Guest" feature includes interviews with guests known for their involvement with social or environmental causes, such as Eva Joly, Nicolas Hulot and Michel Rocard, while LIVE’Ethic is a live public show that focuses on sustainable events in the Principality (the Ever show, No Finish Line, etc.).
An independent, non-political station, Radio Ethic is committed to a virtuous and environmentally-friendly approach, symbolised by its commitment to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. It also carries out socially responsible actions by adopting positive everyday practices (using recycled paper, treating with employees with respect and showing social solidarity, saving energy, etc.). 

At the website, you can listen to all of the station's podcasts for free, while the brand new "RadioEthic" smartphone app is now available for download, from the App Store or on Google Play:

Slider: Manuel Vitali © Directorate of Communication