Cookery and Baking Classes at the Monte-Carlo Bay

Publication date: 21/10/2019
From 15 November 2019, the "Spice Up Your Talent" cookery classes and "Family" baking classes are returning to the Monte-Carlo Bay.

There are some surprises in store for the 2019 edition. This year, Chef Marcel Ravin will be offering brand-new themed cookery classes inspired by a variety of restaurant concepts. Classes are for small groups of no more than seven participants, and take place in the kitchens of the Las Brisas restaurant.

Here is the calendar of cookery and baking classes in 2019-2020!

Friday 15 November 2019 – Cookery, Bistronomy - 3.30 pm - 11 pm

A class divided equally between "bistro" style cooking and cordon bleu gastronomic cuisine, with the finest ingredients, techniques and a healthy dose of fun and conviviality. A contraction of the words "bistro" and "gastronomy", bistronomy is a culinary art that blends fine produce, technical excellence, conviviality and modest prices.

Friday 29 November 2019 – Cookery, Bistronomy – 3.30 pm-11 pm
Friday 13 December 2019 – Cookery, Special Christmas Class – 3.30 pm-11 pm
Wednesday 18 December 2019 – Baking, Special Class – 2 pm-5 pm

 The "Family Cooking Classes" are bakery classes for a maximum of seven to eight participants (four adults and four children).

Friday 17 January 2020 – Cookery, Gastronomy – 3.30 pm-11 pm
The gastronomy classes pay tribute to the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Blue Bay and the culinary identity of Chef Marcel Ravin.
Wednesday 22 January 2020 – Baking – 2 pm-5 pm
Friday 31 January 2020 – Cookery, Gastronomy – 3.30 pm-11 pm
Wednesday 5 February 2020 – Baking– 2 pm-5 pm
Friday 7 February 2020 – Cookery, Special Valentine's Class – 3.30 pm-11 pm
Wednesday 11 March 2020 – Baking – 2 pm-5 pm
Friday 13 March 2020 – Cookery, Snackonomy – 3.30 pm-11 pm

Inspired by Chef Marcel Ravin's latest concept restaurant, Le Mada One, this class is a tribute to its DNA: chic snack-style gastronomy! Stylish, rich and varied snack dishes, using the finest natural ingredients and flavour combinations.

Friday 27 March 2020 – Cookery, Snackonomy – 3.30 pm-11 pm
Friday 10 April 2020 – Cookery, Aperotherapy – 3.30 pm-11 pm

This class will unlock the secrets of a successful apéritif… better than a therapy!
Friendliness, sharing and a taste for fine food will be the key ingredients, to be appreciated without moderation!
Friday 3 April 2020 – Cookery, Aperotherapy – 3.30 pm-11 pm

You will be perfectly prepared for the festive season! 

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