Full 5G Coverage for the Principality of Monaco

Publication date: 10/07/2019
At an event attended by individual and business customers in the Principality, Monaco Telecom announced that Monaco is set for full 5G coverage, in a world first.

The deployment of 5G is the first pillar of the Prince's Government's "Extended Monaco" programme, aimed at bringing Monaco into the digital age. From today, residential and business customers in Monaco will be able to access this new technology on compatible smartphones.

5G will also open up opportunities in a variety of areas, to facilitate everyday life for Monegasque residents and people living, working or staying in the Principality:

  • Smart traveller shelters offer public Wi-Fi thanks to 5G, and will soon offer new services made possible by the installation of environmental sensors.
  • Monaco's Fire Service is keen to use 5G to help protect the population more effectively, and is preparing to use surveillance drones fitted with high-definition cameras, as well as a pre-diagnostic app at the site of incidents, connected to the hospital to save time and improve the chances of survival for victims. 
  • Future versions of the autonomous vehicle already operating in Monaco will incorporate 5G technology. 
  • For businesses based in Monaco, the deployment of 5G  also opens up possibilities for exploring new markets. Teale, a start-up based at the Principality's own start-up programme MonacoTech, specialises in smart building management and has shown how 5G can improve energy efficiency. Originally from Singapore, the start-up has found in Monaco the ideal ecosystem in which to launch its new solutions. 

For Martin PERONNET, CEO of Monaco Telecom: "5G is a major innovation that reflects the leadership of Monaco Télécom. This new technology is essential to provide a better service to our customers and meet their rising expectations  for very high speed mobile. It also suppports the development of Extended Monaco, which aims to capitalise on the potential of digital technology in order to offer enhanced services to residents of the Principality. The prospects for use of 5G applications to improve the everyday lives of Monegasques are highly promising.  Alongside the launch of 5G, Monaco Telecom is continuing to deploy its fibre network in order to offer a high-quality service recognised as the best in the world. That is our objective for the company and our mission as a national operator."

For Frédéric Genta, Chief Digital Officer: "5G is not just an improvement on the performance of 4G, it's a whole paradigm change. Where previous generations focused on telecoms and exchanges between individuals, 5G is the integration of digital technology into every pillar of our society and economy. Energy, healthcare, media, and transport will all be transformed by 5G. That offers the Principality, its residents, its public policies and its economy vast possibilities for the well-being of all."


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