STARS’N’BARS : a vital player in the sustainable development of the Principality

Publication date: 25/01/2019
STARS’N’BARS is committed to preserving our planet’s precious environment and supports the goals of the HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to “promote the sustainable and equitable management of natural resources and place the individual at the center of its projects.”

Monaco’s first sports bar and family restaurant STARS’N’BARS (founded by Kate and Didier in 1993) have made environmental awareness, well-being and personal development a priority, while offering a diverse menu based on home-made, organic and locally sourced dishes.
STARS’N’BARS is a vital player in the sustainable development of the Principality, and plays an active role in events such as the Monaco Ocean Week, the Ever Salon, The Africa Eco Race, The E-Prix, The Historic Grand Prix to name a few.
Stars’n’Bars has three floors, which are constanty used to host cocktails, press conferences, product launches, seated dinners and full privatisations. Due to its 3 retractable balconies overlooking the Monaco harbor, you and your guests will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Principality whilst still being eco-friendly.
Ecological initiatives are a key concern to the restaurant, and they were the first to say no to plastic straws, plastic water bottles, single-use coffee cups and to install a composter on their terrace!
STARS’N’BARS has reduced  its carbon “food print”- by launching meat-free days, only serving Mr. GoodFish sustainable fish and offering filtered water bottled on site.

Everyone needs to reduce their carbon footprint: the future of our planet and our children depends on it

Didier Rubiolo/Director

Today  the family restaurant serves as an  EcoHub  (for further information)