Launch of the National Pact on Energy Transition in Monaco

Publication date: 15/02/2018
The Prince's Government invites everyone to commit themselves to energy transition
The National Pact on Energy Transition, which has just been launched by the Prince's Government, arose directly from the Paris Agreement and the White Paper.  As the Principality's objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 (compared with the baseline year of 1990) and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the actions carried out by the Mission for Energy Transition are applicable to everyone.
Thus, following the drafting of the White Paper and the introduction of the solar survey in 2017, the National Pact on Energy Transition invites those who join (individuals or companies) to take action on the three main sources of greenhouse gas emissions - mobility, waste and energy - in order to change consumption patterns and habits, without hindering development and by creating new opportunities
The pact is made up of a simple charter of commitment and action plans (differentiated by sectors - individuals, industries, hotels, etc.).  A carbon calculator gives an estimate of the quantities of GHG emitted, to assist the efforts of members.
The Mission for Energy Transition will offer support tailored to each individual's specific needs.  Monitoring will be carried out via communications and specific workshops throughout the year.
An annual review will then be carried out.  This will make it possible to identify and recognise the most committed players, best efforts and good practices to be shared with a view to continuous improvement.
Complete information is available on the web site, where it is possible to join online (in French and English):
There is a dedicated e-mail address for questions relating to the Pact: