Theatre - "Twelfth Night"
Thursday 13, Friday 14, Saturday 15 June at 8 pm, and Sunday 16 June at 4.30 pm, Théâtre des Muses
"Not to be abed after midnight is to be up betimes!" Orsino is in love with Olivia... who is in love with Viola... who is in love with Orsino. The confusing love triangle is the beating heart of Shakespeare's classic comedy, but a colourful cast of other characters combine to create an unforgettable night of music, magic, and mistaken identity. The talented cast of six actors play a total of fifteen characters in this daring adaptation.
С четверг 13 по воскресенье 16 июня 2024
Théâtre des Muses
45, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Caritatif - "Braderie d'été Mission Enfance"
Du jeudi 13 au vendredi 14 juin 2024, de 10h à 18h, Mission Enfance
Braderie d'été organisée par Mission Enfance, au profit des enfants du Burkina Faso.
С четверг 13 по пятница 14 июня 2024, с 10. до 18.
Mission Enfance
19, avenue des Papalins
Lecture - "Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT"
Thursday 13 June 2024, at 6 pm, Auditorium Rainier III
On 13 June 2024 at 6.30 pm, the Club Soroptimist International de Monaco invites you to a lecture where Svend Albertsen, IT expert, will discuss Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT, current trends, possibilities, and concerns.
Четверг 13 июня 2024, в 18.
Концертный зал Rainier III
Boulevard Louis II
Exhibition - "Polar Mission"
From Saturday 4 June 2022 to Tuesday 31 December 2024, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Discover an immersive and interactive experience! Take on the role of a roving reporter and set off on a mission to explore the polar regions! This new exhibition includes five thematic areas spread over two levels. Learn about the poles and their wildlife, and the men and women who populate and explore them. Fascinating objects and documents, digital content and immersive devices come together to create a 360° experience. The great voyage can begin!
С суббота 4 июня 2022 по вторник 31 декабря 2024
Avenue Saint-Martin
Exhibition - "The Prince and the Mediterranean"
From 6 December 2023, Musée Océanographique de Monaco
As part of commemorations marking the centenary of Princer Rainier III (1923-2023), the Oceanographic Museum presents its new permanent exhibition, "The Prince and the Mediterranean". Visitors to the exhibition, the Oceanographic Institute's tribute to the unshakeable connection between Princer Rainier III and the ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea in particular, will step aboard his ship, Deo Juvante II. Guided by the voice of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, they will navigate through four fascinating spaces, each exploring a different facet of the Prince and his passion for all things aquatic.
С среда 6 декабря 2023 по вторник 31 декабря 2024
Avenue Saint-Martin
Exhibition - "The Early Days of Télé Monte-Carlo, 1954-1974​"
From Monday 25 March 2024 to Friday 31 January 2025, from 10 am to 5.30 pm (5 pm on Fridays), Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco
The Cabinet of Curiosities - "The Early Days of Télé Monte-Carlo, 1954-1974​" - An exhibition looking at the first 20 years of Monaco's TV channel launched in 1954. A selection of archives and objects will take you back in time, to the very earliest days of colour television. Organised by the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco, the exhibition features items entrusted by Télé Monte-Carlo for safekeeping, documents from partner institutions, and materials kindly loaned by private individuals.
С понедельник 25 марта 2024 по пятница 31 января 2025, с 10. до 17:30
L'Engelin, 83-85, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Exhibition - "Pasolini in Chiaroscuro"
From Friday 29 March to Sunday 29 September 2024, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Sauber
The new exhibition at the Villa Sauber honours Pier Paolo Pasolini, perhaps the last European intellectual to have gained worldwide renown. A half-century on from his death, his influence can still be felt across the different fields in which he worked: he is read, commented on, adapted, and inspires contemporary creative artists. While he preferred to describe himself as a writer, it was his films that brought him to the public’s attention. The exhibition looks at his inspirations and his legacy.
Event - "150th Anniversary of the Hôtel de Paris Cellars"
From Monday 1 April to Thursday 31 October 2024, Monte-Carlo SBM Resort
This year, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is celebrating the 150th annivesary of the famous Cellars at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo! Opened in 1874, they are a monument to the company's long and illustrious history, in which they have often played an important role. These hidden jewels beneath the very foundations of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo are the quintessence of refinement and exclusiveness. To mark the occasion, the world's biggest hotel cellars will be opening their doors for a unique celebration, with fascinating tours, exclusive dinners, exceptional tasting sessions, and much more. Discover one of Monaco's most priceless secret treasures and experience the celebrations!
С понедельник 1 апреля по четверг 31 октября 2024
Monte-Carlo SBM Resort
Principauté de Monaco
Environment - "Monaco Zero Cigarette Butts"
From 6 April to 13 October 2024, Principality of Monaco
As every summer, Monaco City Hall is joining forces with the Tourist and Convention Authority and Société Monégasque d’Assainissement, for a campaign aimed at raising awareness among residents and visitors about the need to keep our environment clean and stamp out pollution, especially in the form of cigarette butts. Throughout the summer season, the staff at the Tourist and Convention Authority will be handing our pocket ashtrays in various areas around the Principality. For information, a number of "MégotBoxes" (terminals for collecting and recycling cigarette butts) can be found outside City Hall.
С суббота 6 апреля по воскресенье 13 октября 2024
Principality of Monaco
Exhibition - "The Ice Giants"
From Wednesday 10 April to Sunday 6 October 2024, Musée Océanographique de Monaco
Polar bears and emperor penguins are the lead characters in "The Ice Giants", a new exhibition by Michel Bassompierre. Seven monumental works will be installed in the Oceanographic Museum and on its roof terrace. Five will be new creations: four polar bears and a three-metre tall emperor penguin. Original drawings and sketches will also be displayed, accompanied by a film presenting the artist's work. This temporary exhibition is part of the Polar Mission organised by the Oceanographic Institute since 2022.
С среда 10 апреля по воскресенье 6 октября 2024
Avenue Saint-Martin
Exhibition - "Lascaux in Monaco"
From Friday 19 April to Thursday 21 November 2024, Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique
This exhibition features an original scenography with replicas and an immersive virtual reality experience courtesy of #SPL LASCAUX, all made possible by the Museum's partners. Visitors can see original items from the Lascaux caves, loaned by the National Prehistory Museum (Les Eyzies, Dordogne) and the Institute of Human Palaeontology (Paris), plus ultra-realistic replicas of the five Cro-Magnons by Elisabeth Daynes, a 1:10 scale model of the Lascaux cave complete with prehistoric paintings and lighting, and low-tech interactive tables and exhibits.
С пятница 19 апреля по четверг 21 ноября 2024
56 bis, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Exhibition - "Rêvolution"
From Saturday 1 to Sunday 30 June 2024, Lobby of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort
DREAM OF A NEW WORLD AND LEAVE A MESSAGE OF HOPE. Imagine a new world and a whole new way of living. A reverie. A revolution. Marie-Laure Viébel presents her latest creation, "RÊVOLUTION", inspired by the Seychelles' iconic sea coconut in the lobby of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. The exhibition is a surprising dialogue between humans and nature. The seed, a potent symbol of fertility and the circle of life, here decorated in gold to represent sanctity, becomes a postbox where anyone can leave a message of hope. Give expression to your innermost feelings, in the form of a wish, a dream, a prayer, or a commitment.
С суббота 1 по воскресенье 30 июня 2024
40, avenue Princesse Grace
Exhibition - "Miquel Barceló, Oceanographer"
From Friday 7 June to Sunday 13 October 2024, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Paloma
Featuring a selection of around sixty works (paintings, ceramics, embroidery, works on paper), this exhibition is a chance to discover the prolific and eclectic creations of Miquel Barceló, a Spanish artist whose favourite subject was the sea.
Exposition - "Concrete beaches, artificial landscapes"
Du samedi 8 juin au lundi 30 septembre 2024, du jeudi au samedi de 14h à 18h ou sur RDV, Collect|MC
L’exposition de groupe CONCRETE BEACHES, ARTIFICIAL LANDSCAPES se construit autour d’un hypothétique scénario - abstrait, métaphysique, incertain. Le visiteur doit l’envisager comme un récit fictionnel où chacun peut venir placer son allégorie d’un avenir partagé. Chaque pièce et objet animent ces futurs fantasmés, parfois déjà réalisés. Prenant pour inspiration les rêveries flamboyantes du premier recueil de nouvelles de J.G. Ballard, Vermillon Sands (1973), l’exposition souhaite provoquer l’imagination autour de narrations hybrides.
С суббота 8 июня по понедельник 30 сентября 2024, с 14. до 18.
20 Bd de Suisse
Lectures - "PhiloMonaco Week 2024"
From Tuesday 11 to Sunday 16 June 16 2024, Principality of Monaco
Local philosophy association Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco aims to foster a community where thinkers can express and share their ideas freely with each other and the wider public, offering insights into the increasingly intractable problems of our contemporary world. To that end, PhiloMonaco Week 2024 will feature a number of special guests speakers, engaging in fascinating discussions and interacting with audiences, presenting their books, and taking part in round table debates on topics ranging from ecology and education, to healthcare, women, and the "art de vivre".
С вторник 11 по воскресенье 16 июня 2024
Principality of Monaco
Exhibition - "Art in Motion"
From Wednesday 12 June to Wednesday 10 July 2024, from 10 am to 8 pm, Espace 22
Discover the revolutionary concept of Najette Derni @madame.helmet with Art in Motion! Inspired by Vitruvius' principles, this exhibition blends structural integrity and opulence (Firmitas), practical elegance (Utilitas), and unmatched sophistication (Venustas). Dive into a world where each piece is a symphony of elegance and design.
С среда 12 июня по среда 10 июля 2024, с 10. до 20.
Espace 22
24 Bd d'Italie
Event - "63rd Monte-Carlo Television Festival"
From Friday 14 to Tuesday 18 June 2024, Grimaldi Forum Monaco
For 63 years, the Principality of Monaco has hosted its very own International Television Festival. Studios, TV channels, digital platforms, and celebrities come together in an idyllic setting to promote their shows to the press and the wider public, and compete for the prestigious Golden Nymphs.
С пятница 14 по вторник 18 июня 2024
10, avenue Princesse Grace
Events - "European Archaeology Days"
Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June 2024, Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique
Special activities at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco to mark the European Archaeology Days. Friday 14 June, from 5 pm to 6 pm: A guided VIP tour of the exhibits and the Suzanne Simone Research Laboratory, for all ages. Saturday 15 June, from 2 pm to 3.30 pm: activities for children aged 5 to 7, and from 3.30 pm to 5 pm: activities for over 7s.
Animation - "APIdays"
Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June 2024, from 9 am to 4 pm, Terrasses de Fontvieille
APIdays: Bees and pollinating insects are in danger! Monaco's National Awareness Day for bees, the sentinels guarding our environment, includes free activities for kids and adults, the chance to collect and taste honey, educational games, and exhibitions.
С пятница 14 по суббота 15 июня 2024, с 9. до 16.
Terrasses de Fontvieille
Concert - "Echoes of Atlanta & Minneapolis"
Friday 7 & Saturday 8 June 2024, at 9 PM, La Note Bleue
La Note Bleue Summer Festival - Echoes Of are France’s best purveyors of Funk, Boogie and Disco having turned La Note Bleue upside down more than once! The Funk machine is back this summer with a heavy program of hard 70 and 80’s hitters, bringing together a repertoire of 2 of the US’ most groovy towns: Atlanta (Cameo, Gladys Knight, The SOS Band) and of course…Minneapolis (Prince, The Time, Andre Cymone). Get your dancing shoes on for this one!
С пятница 14 по 21. до суббота 15 июня 2024
La Note Bleue
Plage du Larvotto - Avenue Princesse Grace
Event - "5th Meeting of the Historical Sites of the Grimaldis of Monaco"
From Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 June 2024, Place du Palais
This "5th Meeting" will see the communes of Breil-sur-Roya, Bathernay, Ventimiglia, Olivetta San Michele, Airole, Ripacandida, Campagna, Monteverde, Spinazzola, Poggiorsini, Terlizzi and Canosa di Puglia all hosted on Palace Square. There will be cultural parades and activities, local delicacies to taste, and demonstrations of regional arts and crafts. A spectacular sound and light show on the walls of the Prince's Palace will be the big highlight of this special evening on Saturday 15 June.
С суббота 15 по воскресенье 16 июня 2024
Place du Palais
OPMC - "Symphonic Concert"
Sunday 16 June 2024, at 6 pm, Auditorium Rainier III
2023/2024 season of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, under the Presidency of H.R.H. the Princess of Hanover - "Symphonic Concert". Conducted by Kazuki Yamada, with Pablo Ferrández, piano. Music by TCHAIKOVSKY and BRUCKNER.
Воскресенье 16 июня 2024, в 18.
Концертный зал Rainier III
Boulevard Louis II
Evènement - "Relais de la Flamme Olympique"
Mardi 18 juin 2024, à 14h45, Principauté de Monaco
La Principauté de Monaco sera l’une des prestigieuses étapes du parcours de la Flamme Olympique, qui atteindra Paris le 26 juillet prochain. A 14h15, la Flamme partira du Port Hercule, portée par six relayeurs qui se succèderont jusqu’à la place du Palais. Il s’agit du second passage de la Flamme à Monaco depuis 1968, à l’occasion des Jeux Olympiques d’hiver de Grenoble.
Вторник 18 июня 2024, в 14:45
Principality of Monaco
Lecture - "Lascaux: visible, discreet, hidden art, on the boundary where reality meets imagination"
Tuesday 18 June 2024, at 6 pm, Musée d’Anthropologie Préhistorique
Denis TAUXE will be giving a companion lecture to the "Lascaux in Monaco" exhibition currently on display at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, on the subject "Lascaux: visible, discreet, hidden art, on the boundary where reality meets imagination".
Вторник 18 июня 2024, в 18.
56 bis, boulevard du Jardin Exotique
Screening - "25th Anniversary of the Prince of Monaco's Accession"
Wednesday 19 June 2024, at 6.30 pm, Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco
Screening followed by a guided tour of the exhibition about the early days of TMC. In May 1974, Monegasque television station TMC broadcast the official ceremonies live, and made a commemorative film about the festivities.
Exhibition - "Symphony of colours"
From Thursday 20 June 2024 to Sunday 6 July 2025, from 10 AM to 6 PM, Espace 22
We are delighted to announce the new exhibition "Symphony of Colours" featuring the exceptional talents of three artists: Maja Kerin, Liudmila Sun, and Maria Mikileva. From June 20th to July 6th, from 10am to 6pm, come and discover the works of these three inspired women from the Principality. Immerse yourself in a world of intriguing colors, where each canvas tells a unique story. A visual symphony that will enchant your senses and feed your artistic soul.
С четверг 20 июня 2024 по воскресенье 6 июля 2025, с 10. до 18.
Espace 22
24 Bd d'Italie
Concert - "Thursday Live Session - Crimi"
Thursday 20 June 2024, at 8.30 pm, Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Crimi came about in 2018, inspired by lead singer Julien Lesuisse's eagerness to rediscover his Sicilian heritage, and reappropriate a culture and language that his immigrant family was once forced to hide. Crimi's DNA is a mix of old Sicilian songs and Algerian rai, with influences of ethio-jazz, funk, and soul from guitarist Cyril Moulas, bassist Brice Berrerd, and drummer Bruno Duval. The band aims to connect historic traditions with different places, rebuilding them for today's intercultural world.
Screening - "Accattone - Pier Paolo Pasolini"
Thursday 20 June 2024, at 9 pm, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Sauber
Screening in the gardens of the Villa Sauber as part of the exhibition "Pasolini in Chiaroscuro". Having lost Maddalena, who has been jailed because of him, the cowardly and unscrupulous pimp Accattone must find some way to make a living. He goes back to the mother of his child, but she throws him out. Then he meets Stella, an innocent and naive young woman, and falls in love...