The Museum of "Vieux Monaco"

This museum is open free of charge on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 4pm between June and September.

It displays objects relating to Monaco’s heritage; ceramics, paintings, furniture and costumes, and sets out scenes of daily life in days gone by on "Le Rocher". The museum will be closed until 2024.

In 1924, representatives of old Monegasque families, who wished to fight against the risk of losing their national identity, set up "Le Comité National des Traditions Monégasques" (The National Committee of Monegasque Traditions), which includes in its missions :
- The preservation of civil and religious traditions
- The preservation and promotion of the Monegasque language
- The preservation of the Monegasque heritage
Civil and religious traditions have been maintained. Even though the Monegasque language is not in everyday use any longer, it is taught in the schools in Monaco and can be taken as a subject in the baccalaureate. It is also taught to adults so as to encourage families to use it on a day-to-day basis.
In the future, the fundamental missions needed to preserve Monegasque identity will be strengthened by another priority close to the heart of the committee: the preservation of the material heritage, by means of the Musée du Vieux Monaco, and, as well, the immaterial heritage, thanks to the diffusion of Monegasque language and culture through modern methods such as the internet.