The other major events of the year

  • Monaco Energy Boat Challenge
    July 2024
  • Monaco Art Week
    July 2024
  • Jumping International de Monte-Carlo
    July 2024
  • Monte-Carlo Summer Festival
    July 2024
  • Artmonte-carlo
    July 2024
  • Summer Exhibition - Grimaldi Forum Monaco
    July 2024
  • The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra - Concerts at the Prince's Palace of Monaco
    July 2024
  • Herculis EBS
    July 2024
  • Monaco Red Cross Gala
    July 2024
  • Monaco Yacht Show
    September 2024

Summer Exhibition - Grimaldi Forum Monaco

As every year since its inauguration in 2000, the Grimaldi Forum will be hosting a major summer exhibition. "Turner, the Sublime Legacy” will run from 6 July to 1 September 2024. 

One Master after another...

Following “Monet in Full Light” in summer 2023, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco is once again set to host a landmark exhibition in 2024. "Turner, the Sublime Legacy” is an extraordinary journey into the world of one of the greatest European painters of the 19th century: Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Presenting a collection of the artist’s major works in a brand new scenography extending across more than 2,000 m2, the exhibition looks at the landscapes and elemental explorations of light and atmosphere of which Turner was a precursor and a master.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, Venice Quay, Ducal Palace, exhibited 1844. Oil paint on canvas
Photo © Tate. 

His decisive influence on painting, and by extension his legacy, are highlighted by interpretations of the sublime by leading contemporary artists including Richard Long, Olafur Eliasson, Cornelia Parker, Jessica Warboys, John Akomfrah, Katie Paterson, Peter Doig, and Mark Rothko.

Peter Doig, Ski Jacket, 1994, Oil paint on 2 canvases.
© Tate © Peter Doig. All Rights Reserved, ADAGP, Paris, 2023


Exhibition curator: Elizabeth Brooke, Senior Project Curator and Conservator at the Tate.
This exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Tate, and with the support of CMB MONACO, SOTHEBY’S, and the MARZOCCO GROUP.

Joseph Mallord William Turner Hurrah! For the Whaler Erebus! Another Fish! exhibited 1846 Oil paint on canvas
Photo: © Tate



Since its inauguration on 20 July 2000 by Prince Rainier III and Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco (GFM) has hosted a major exhibition every summer devoted to an artistic movement, a particular subject of heritage or civilisation, or any theme that expresses the renewal of creation. 

                                           2000 "AIR-AIR"                                                                                                                2007 "The Grace Kelly Years, Princess of Monaco"

The GFM collaborates with the world's leading cultural institutions, including museums, foundations and galleries, who recognise the success of these major summer exhibitions by loaning important works of art.
Thanks to the quality of its summer exhibitions, the Grimaldi Forum has established itself as an important cultural venue in its own right.

2008 "Queens Of Egypt: from Hetepheres to Cleopatra"                                                                                             2013 "Monaco celebrates Picasso"

                   2017 "The Forbidden City in Monaco. Imperial Court Life in China"                                         2019 "Dali. A History of Painting"

                                                     2021 " Alberto Giacometti. A Retrospective - Marvellous Reality"                                          2022 "Christian Louboutin, L'Exhibition(niste)"                                               


To see the teaser for the 2024 exhibition, click HERE.

And if you simply can’t wait, tickets are now on pre-sale until 30 June 2024. To reserve yours, CLICK HERE.

Photo credits: ©Tate / Peter Doig / Benjamin Vergély