As you arrive at the Place du Casino, the sight of this masterpiece by the famous architect Charles Garnier will take your breath away. 

Built in 1863, the Casino has been designed around an atrium surrounded by 28 onyx columns, behind which the Salle Garnier, an Italian theatre decorated in red and gold is the veritable miniature replica of the Paris opera house.
Every season, the most beautiful opera shows are staged here. Further on, the gaming rooms are marvellously decorated with stained glass windows, sculptures, and unique allegorical paintings. Visits to the casino last 35 to 40 minutes - Tel: +377 98 06 21 21 website :

Around the Place du Casino, window shop at the heart of the famous Cercle d'Or: jewellers, haute couture boutiques, antique dealers and more will help you to travel in great luxury.

Spend time exploring the Casino Gardens and Terraces with their magnificent flowerbeds and diverse species of plants. Overlooking the sea the terraces bathed in sun invite you to stroll along them.