Responsible Tourism White Paper

The Monaco Government Tourist Authority is currently reflecting on the Responsible Tourism and is writing a White Paper to develop a strategy in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and as the Principality's Energy Transition objectives.

As a strongly committed destination, the Principality of Monaco pursues an environmental policy with the objective of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 (based on the figures for 1990) and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Government, but also private actors and all individuals are invited to act.

In 2017, the White Paper published by the "Mission for the Energy Transition" made it possible to put in place concrete measures to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The tourism sector follows Government policy and works on various solutions to reduce its impact. Most hotels have environmental certifications, most restaurants offer local, organic and seasonal products and initiatives against food waste are being carried out.

Many soft mobility and intermodal solutions are offered to visitors and biodiversity is highlighted.

At the Monaco Tourism and Convention Authority, for more than ten years we have been accompanying and supporting the actors of the Destination in a process of continuous improvement. Furthermore, we have been working on various programs with the help of international organizations (Organization World of Tourism, European Travel Council, GDS Index…).

Considering the importance of sustainability in solving our multiple world crises, the Destination is keen on offering its customers a responsible and virtuous offer. This has lead us to reflect on the development of a Tourism strategy in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and as the Principality's Energy Transition objectives.

Today, with your contribution, we are building the Tourism of tomorrow.

We are currently in the midst of writing our Responsible Tourism White Paper; this will help us go further in our sustainability commitment.


              Phase 1  : Surveying 

Because we need to get everyone's opinion in order to establish an holistic strategy, a questionnaire is distributed to tourism stakeholders but also to visitors and residents.
Have you visited or are going to visit the Principality, do you live here…? Build the Tourism of tomorrow with us by answering this questionnaire:

Phase 2 : Organisation of an online workshop

Phase 3 : Results analysis

Phase 4 (in progress) : Collaborative writing of the White Paper thanks to the survey results and solutions brainstormed during the workshop

Phase 5 : Presentation of the White Paper and unveiling of the department strategy

To carry out this project, the Tourism and Convention Auhtority, supported by the Mission for the Energy Transition, commissioned the specialist firm François-Tourisme-Consultants.


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