Peaceful Conquests: Land Reclamation in Monaco

Salle d'Exposition du Quai Antoine Ier
4, quai Antoine Ier
98000 Monaco
自星期五 15 十月 2021至星期日 2 一月 2022
The exhibition opens at Quai Antoine Ier on Friday 15 October, and runs until 2 January 2022. From Friday 15 October 2021 to Sunday 2 January 2022, Salle d'Exposition du Quai Antoine Ier

How has the Principality grown? That is the question pondered by this new exhibition, "Peaceful Conquests". The result of two years of research, the exhibition curated by Björn Dahlström and Christophe Martin, organised by the Monaco Department of Cultural Affairs, looks back at a century of Monegasque history through a large collection of photographs.


PEACEFUL CONQUESTS, Land Reclamation in Monaco: The title of this exhibition, in the form of a deliberately provocative oxymoron, goes directly to the heart of the contemporary political issues that the Principality has opted to promote, namely development and environmental science. The two interact in concert to guarantee the country a peaceful future. The exhibition invites visitors to explore these geopolitical, social, urban, technical, and ecological adventures - in short, the human stories upon which Monegasque culture is built. To that end, it brings together a large collection of cartographical, photographic, and audiovisual archives, along with various plans and models. In addition, the exhibition’s organisers interviewed a number of the people behind these land reclamation projects, and those who use these new living spaces today, to get their personal impressions.


A stroll through time, from the Monaco of yesteryear into the future

The exhibition will allow visitors to explore Port Hercule, redeveloped by Prince Albert I in 1910, or the future Mareterra district, planned for 2025, via Fontvieille.



From 15 October 2021 to 2 January 2022
Quai Antoine Ier Exhibition Hall
4, Quai Antoine Ier
+377 98 98 83 03