Working towards a straw-free Principality …

出版日期 2018/7/18
All straws - with the exception of biodegradable ones - will soon be withdrawn from the Principality's bars

Monegasques and tourists visiting the Rocher will soon have to do without plastic straws in their cocktails. The country has recently announced a ban on these sources of pollution in bars. The new rules are also set to extend to plastic cutlery.
The legislation banning the distribution of disposable cutlery and plastic straws is due to be introduced in 2020, but some Monaco businesses are getting ahead of the game, having already taken the decision to stop automatically offering straws to their customers.

Stars’N’Bars, the Métropole Monte-Carlo, the Monte-Carlo Beach, and the Columbus Monaco were the first to take action and withdraw plastic straws, but other businesses in the Principality will also be getting on board very soon.

To date, the majority of restaurateurs going down this road are offering alternative solutions: biodegradable straws made from cornstarch or cardboard.