Green access guide to the Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco has set itself a target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. To that end, it has committed to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 from their 1990 levels.
The National Energy Transition Pact (PNTE) of the Principality of Monaco has also been created as a resource designed to enable businesses, institutions and individuals to play their part in the transition.

Following the PNTE’s creation, numerous hotels made commitments alongside the Principality. As part of the action plan, the Government is keen to provide hotels with a guide to ways of reaching Monaco from Nice Airport with the lowest possible carbon footprint, using soft mobility (public transport, electric or hybrid vehicles, etc.).
Several taxis operating within Monaco and outside the Principality’s borders are hybrid vehicles. However, it is not currently possible to book them specifically.


Route: Nice Airport to Monaco Monte-Carlo railway station
The closest railway station is Nice Saint-Augustin, which is located 1.3 km from Nice Airport. Tramway line 2 has stops at terminals 1 and 2. From there, it is a five-minute tram ride to the “Grand Arenas” stop, which is an eight-minute walk from Saint-Augustin station. The main line SNCF train from Marseille-Saint-Charles to Ventimiglia also stops at the airport and Saint-Augustin station, with the journey between the two stops taking around 34 minutes. See timetables in real time
CO2 footprint for this journey: 0.62 kg per passenger.


Nice AirportXpress Bus

Bus line 110 connects Nice with Monaco via the motorway in 30 minutes. The journey is direct with no changes. The bus stops at three locations in Monaco: the Place d’Armes, the Casino and the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel.
Average CO2 footprint for this journey: 5.98 kg per bus. Link to timetable
A city bus with a combustion engine emits an average of 171 grams of CO2/km. The route taken is 35 km, resulting in total CO2 emissions of 5.985 kg for one bus.


   Journey time   Frequency   Time slot  Adult rate
 Train  34 minutes*  every 30 minutes  5.30 am to 11.30 pm  5 €
 Bus  30 minutes  every 30 minutes   8.30 am to 10 pm  22 €

*The journey between the airport and railway station takes 15 minutes by tram.
For information only, subject to change 

 Car hire operators

Car hire operators Available vehicles

  2 Renault Twizys. Provides electric hire cars for collection from Nice Airport. 

 Avis  5 hybrid models: Mercedes S Class 500, Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Hybrid, Porsche Panamera Hybrid, BMW X5 Hybrid, Volvo XC 60 Hybrid
 Europcar   Has hybrid vehicles, but does not allow customers to specifically book hybrid models
 Hertz   Has hybrid vehicles, but does not allow customers to specifically book hybrid models


CO2 emissions for a private car:

  • A compact diesel or petrol car emits an average of 90 g of CO2/km, equivalent to around 3.15 kg for the journey from Nice Airport to Monaco (source)
  • A hybrid sedan emits an average of 0.28g of CO2/km, equivalent to around 1 kg for the journey from Nice Airport to Monaco (source):
  • An electric vehicle emits zero CO2 for such a journey.

Hotel electric vehicle charging stations

 Hotel  Shuttle  Electric vehicle charging stations  Charging method  Charging station details
Columbus Monte-Carlo Within Monaco Planned for early 2019   2 Tesla stations and 3 generic stations
Le Méridien Beach Plaza No  -    
Hôtel de Paris Between SBM establishments 2 sockets in the private area of the casino car park    
Hôtel Hermitage Between SBM establishments 1 parking space by the Jardin d'hiver    
Monte-Carlo Bay Between SBM establishments 2 parking spaces with 2 sockets Fast charge  
Monte-Carlo Beach Between SBM establishments 3 parking spaces with 3 sockets Semi-fast charge 2 Tesla stations and 1 generic station
Fairmont Monte-Carlo No 6 parking spaces with 6 sockets Semi-fast charge 2 sockets at the hotel entrance and 4 sockets in the hotel’s covered parking area 
Novotel Monte-Carlo No 2 parking spaces with 2 sockets Slow charge Monaco Parking, Roqueville, level D
Hôtel Métropole Monte-Carlo  Contact hotel for details 2 parking spaces with 2 sockets Fast charge  


Charging stations in car parks operated by Monaco Parkings

All car parks are equipped with charging stations, except the Abbaye and Charles III car parks. A socket corresponds to one parking space, charging is free. Sockets are 16A slow charging. Link

Public charging stations

 Map of charging stations  Locations  Number of spaces  Charging station details
 Fast Semi-fast  Slow (16A)
Public charging station Stadium concourse 2 spaces, including 1 for taxis 1 fast charging station (3 sockets)    
Rue Grimaldi 3 spaces 1 fast charging station (3 sockets)   1 slow charging station (16A 2 sockets)
Rue Louis Notari 10 spaces 2 fast charging stations 1 semi-fast charging station 1 slow charging station (16A)
Henry Dunant 2 spaces 1 fast charging station 1 semi-fast charging station  
Place des Moulins 1 space 1 fast charging station (3 sockets)    

The charging stations shown on the diagram are all located outdoors, and charging is free. Source: Department of Urban Amenities map of charging stations, Document property of the Prince’s Government