Jumping International de Monte-Carlo

…SPECTACLE AND EMOTION...From Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 June 2019, Port de Monaco

2019 marks the 14th anniversary of the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo: over a decade of great moments of sporting prowess, thrilling equestrianism and exceptional spectacle as the world's greatest riders come together to compete before the iconic Prince's Palace in Monaco.

For its 14th edition, the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo, nestling beneath the ramparts of the Prince's Palace, promises some wonderful moments of sporting emotion. The Monegasque stage of the prestigious Longines Global Champions Tour, the equestrian world's equivalent of the Formula 1 World Championship, hosts the very best riders on the planet for three days of competition in a unique setting at the heart of Port Hercule.

The Jumping de Monte-Carlo, which has been part of the Longines Global Champions Tour since its creation in 2006, is a show jumping competition unlike any other, taking place on Quai Albert Ier against the backdrop of the famous Rock of Monaco. Creating an equestrian arena at the heart of Port Hercule is a truly unique challenge, requiring tonnes of special fibre-enhanced sand to be brought in, with the port transformed into stables, and the entirety of this prestige site being made ready for the event.  The horses are stabled at the port itself, offering the unusual sight of seeing champion steeds resting among the world's most stunning yachts between events.