Exhibition - "Northbound. Connected by the Sea"

The Museum Kunst der Westküste, located in Alkersum (island of Föhr) in Germany, presents the exhibition "Northbound. Connected by the Sea" from 19 March to 19 June 2022 and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. From Saturday 19 March to Sunday 19 June 2022, Musée océanographique de Monaco

Featuring a collection of 24 paintings and photographs, these historic and contemporary works illustrate the role of the North Sea and the importance of preserving its coastal and marine zones. The exhibition "Northbound", part of Monaco Ocean Week, will be completed by a scientific symposium, "The North Sea, a Sea of Solutions", on 11 May 2022. 


All of the works displayed share a single common denominator: the sea. For centuries, artists have striven to "capture" this motif that never stills or stops.
In constant movement, everything about the sea is endlessly changing: its overall appearance, its colours, its character. At times, it captivates with its calm, smooth, reflective surface. At others, it boils, crashes, and smashes.  At various moments it is made of greens, blues, or greys, punctuated by the white crests formed by waves.

By creating a unique dialogue between historic and contemporary works, the exhibition Northbound invites visitors to explore the role played by the North Sea through the ages, and in particular the cultural exchanges between the island of Föhr, northern Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway.

These spaces are also share another trait - they are threatened. By climate change, pollution, and overfishing. By showing visitors the beauty and unique qualities of the North Sea region, the exhibition highlights the importance of protecting its coastlines and encouraging people to treat nature responsibly.